Middleware for Wearables that allows Enterprises to Manage Wearable Computing Devices in the Field from a Single Platform.
End Market(s): Energy & Industrials, Business Services, HealthcareDefense & Security, Other

Company Type:  Enterprise Software Developer

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Summary:  CrowdOptic develops middleware for wearables that allows enterprises to manage wearable computing devices in the field from a single platform. CrowdOptic’s software includes a centralized enterprise management console, as well as various device-side connectors, to give enterprises the ability to deploy a range of wearable computing applications, from livestreaming to context-aware computing. CrowdOptic’s middleware for wearables has been implemented in the field service, healthcare, sports & entertainment, and security industries.


  • Jon Fisher – Co-Founder & CEO
  • James Redfield – SVP of Engineering — LinkedIn Profile
  • Jim Kovach – SVP of Business Development — LinkedIn Profile


As of January 2016, CrowdOptic has raised a total of $4.25 million in funding from a variety of venture capital and debt financing sources. Select investors include Silicon Valley Bank, WS Investment Company, Bowman Capital Management, Ray Lane, Paul Bancroft, and John Elway.

  • January 2016 – $737,500 in debt financing
  • August 2015 – $2.53 million in debt financing
  • May 2014 – $1.23 million in debt financing
  • July 2013 – $1.52 million in debt financing
  • May 2013 – $1 million in venture capital funding. Investors included Ray Lane, Silicon Valley Bank, and Karl Mehta
  • December 2012 – undisclosed debt financing
  • October 2012 – $500,000 in venture capital funding
  • April 2012 – $500,000 in debt financing
  • January 2012 – $500,000 in venture capital funding
  • October 2011 – $500,000 in venture capital funding
  • April 2011 – $1 million Series A round
  • July 2010 – $750,000 in venture capital funding

Product / Service Offerings:

CrowdOptic patented technology and proprietary software powers live streaming features and capabilities for the enterprise.

Partners can live stream from a wide range of wearable devices and cameras to a secure, web-based console. The live video stream can be viewed virtually anywhere in the world and pushed to any screen, such as tablets, smartphones, Jumbotrons and televisions, as well as directly to social media. Based on user preferences, live streams can be saved and stored for later use. After the live event, the recorded streams can be transformed into a highlight reel of clips from the event by using the CrowdOptic video curation tools, and safely stored within an online video library.

CrowdOptic is a member of the Google Glass at Work program.

By modifying Google Glass and running its own proprietary software, CrowdOptic is able to produce high-quality streams and secure the device to be used in any environment. CrowdOptic has also streamlined the navigation of Google Glass by removing unnecessary actions and introducing remote device management controls. Users unfamiliar with Google Glass can now very easily stream from Google Glass simply by putting them on.

Enterprise Live Streaming Console – live video streams from wearables and connected cameras can be viewed and managed in the Enterprise Live Streaming Console. The web-based console is the single point of integration to help the enterprise manage devices, users and content.

In addition to view the stream in the console, the stream can also be pushed out to additional screens and directly to social media. The administrator can invite a user to view the live stream via a smart phone, push a live stream to a Jumbotron, direct the stream to Twitter, and a host of other options.

Managing Wearables – Designed for the enterprise, the Wearable Application Management (WAM) and Wearable Device Management (WDM) tools track and manage the devices in the field and can update the software remotely using over the air updates. Common administration tasks are tracking device usage and associating a specific device to a specific location.

Managing Users – Managing user access to live video feeds, video archives and console administrator functions is paramount for the enterprise. The console administrator can easily grant and revoke user privileges for specific locations and devices, and the interface is designed to distribute user administration in a scalable fashion.

HIPAA compliance – CrowdOptic software does not collect patient identifiers or personal health information (PHI). Wearable devices, such as Google Glass, do not store any content and are locked down to prevent misuse. All video streams are encrypted from end-to-end and are secured through 256-bit encryption.

Customers:  CrowdOptic’s middleware software is used by companies that have a field service component, particularly companies that service complex technical equipment. Its software is also used in other fields, including healthcare, sports and live event broadcasting, and security.

Competitors: Augmate, Ubimax