Cimagine Media

Cimagine Enables Consumers to Use their Mobile and Wearable Devices to Visualize Products in Realistic 3D in their Homes or at the Store.
End Market(s):  Marketing and Commerce

Company Type:  Software Developer and Social Platform

Coverage & Analysis from the Information Feed:

Summary:  Cimagine provides retailers with a markerless augmented reality (AR) platform that can be easily integrated and used across multiple channels. It enables consumers to use their mobile and wearable devices to visualize products in life-like 3D, at a click of a button.  Cimagine’s omni-channel solution accompanies consumers throughout their journey, improving both the online and in-store shopping experiences, encouraging sharing on social networks and increasing sales.

The Cimagine solution uses the most robust augmented reality (AR) engine available today for superimposing digital 3D information onto the physical environment without the need for any predefined, reference marker or target. Combining information from the mobile device’s internal sensors with deep image processing and using our unique computer vision algorithms, Cimagine’s patent-pending technology allows it to scan the environment, identify surfaces, and overlay 3D product representations in an accurate manner.

Cimagine’s platform comprises of two main components. A cloud backend, containing all the content and logic, and a 3D viewer app that is installed once on the end-user’s device. The viewer app contains the real time AR and rendering engines, and is used to augment any retail touch point. To minimize the required IT resources, Cimagine provides the retailer with a small piece of code that embeds a customizable ‘visualization’ button in the product pages. Products can also be immediately accessed at the store by scanning quick-response (QR) codes or barcodes using standard code scanners, or on social media and emails by clicking links to the virtual products.

Cimagine Media was founded late 2012, by a team with vast international marketing and business development experience. Assisted by a multi-disciplinary advisory board, Cimagine launched the world’s first large-scale proof of concept of AR in ecommerce to date, and was chosen by Microsoft and Coca-Cola as one of Israel’s most promising start-ups.



  • Blippar is backed by Qualcomm Ventures and Lansdowne Partners, who invested $45mm in March 2015 at a valuation above $1bn.

Product / Service Offerings:

Cimagine Platform -The Cimagine platform superimposes digital 3D information onto the physical environment without the need for any predefined, reference marker or target, using a cloud-based backend and a 3-D viewer app installed on the end user’s device.


Competitors: Blippar, Catchoom, Aurasma, Zugara