Catchoom Technologies

Image and Object Recognition Provider, Powering CraftAR, an Augmented Reality (AR) Toolbox.
End Market(s):  Media, General Business Services & Productivity

Company Type:  Software Developer

Coverage & Analysis from the Information Feed:

Summary:  Catchoom Technologies is a Barcelona-based image recognition firm that aims to use Augmented Reality to enhance customer experiences and drive them to point-of-sale.  They also use gamification technology to exchange branded goods for customer rewards.

Catchoom gives enterprise users access to an AR toolbox (CraftAR) that allows them to develop customized, interactive experiences. Additionally, Catchoom provides on-premise Image Recognition (IR) software that integrates full-service IR platforms with customer management systems, billing, and marketing.

Catchoom was spun out of Telefonica R&D, incorporated in 2011 and founded by David Marimon and Tomasz Adamek.



  • Catchoom was spun out of Telefonica R&D, and is VC-funded with backing from Inveready, ENISA, Innovative SME, Gobierno de Espana

Product / Service Offerings:

CraftAR – AR toolbox allowing customized interactive experiences using image recognition.

Enterprise IR – on-premise Image Recognition (IR) software that allows businesses to integrate full-service IR platforms with their own customer management systems, billing, and marketing.

Customers: Intel, IQ Media, Smartsy, Almirall

Competitors: Aurasma, Blippar