Developer of Visual Discovery Browser Using Augmented Reality and Image Recognition Technology to Help People Instantly Discover Useful and Entertaining Content on their Mobile Device.
End Market(s):  Media & Entertainment, Education & Training, Marketing & Commerce

Company Type:  Software Developer

Coverage & Analysis from the Information Feed:

Summary:  Blippar is a visual discovery browser using augmented reality and image recognition technology to transform how people connect with the world, both in the business and educational realm.  When people are curious about objects or brands, they blipp them, and they instantly discover useful and entertaining content on their mobile device.

Users download the Blippar app to smartphones, tablets or wearables, and scan (‘blipp’) images to unlock interactive digital content. Blippable images (‘markers’) can be found on Blippar partner products, packaging, printed pages, adverts, outdoor marketing and screens. Blipping can launch anything a phone or tablet can do, including mobile games, videos, music, weblinks, PDF downloads, opinion polls and image galleries.  Business users can also use Blippbuilder a self-service, web-based blipp creation tool.  Users can quickly and easily create customized blipps with a drag-and-drop interface.

Ambarish Mitra and Omar Tayeb came up for the idea of Blippar after sharing a joke about the Queen coming to life out of a £20 note.  Shortly thereafter, Tayeb had created a working prototype and after the two joined forces with Steve Spencer and Jess Butcher, creating Blippar.  Originally started in London, they now have 11 offices around the globe with more to come!



  • Blippar is backed by Qualcomm Ventures and Lansdowne Partners, who invested $45mm in March 2015 at a valuation above $1bn.

Product / Service Offerings:

Blippbuilder– Self-service creative tool that uses augmented reality and powerful image recognition technology to engage and attract customers.

Blippar for Business – With the Blippar app, business users can interact with consumers through everyday objects to enhance brand communications and utility with digital experience, called “blipps”.

Blippar for Education – Educators can seamlessly enhance learning materials with digital content that students can access using a smartphone or tablet.

Product Videos

Customers:  Brand Showroom

Competitors: Aurasma, Catchoom Technologies