HIPAA-compliant Documentation Service that Simplifies Physicians’ Electronic Health Records.
End Market(s):  Healthcare

Company Type:  Software Developer

Coverage & Analysis from the Information Feed:

Summary:  Augmedix’s software for smart glasses enables physicians to spend more time seeing patients and less time documenting notes for electronic health records to help drive revenue for physician practices.

Augmedix pairs physicians with Google Glass and a team of trained health consultants to automatically document patient visits and ease the hassles of working with electronic health records (EHRs). Augmedix works with all major EHRs to translate the patient-provider interaction into structured data.

Physicians benefit from Augmedix by saving an average of 15 hours per week typically spent entering notes into an EHR (“charting”), giving patients more attention during visits, improving the quality of patient notes, and seeing more patients.

Augmedix is a member of Google’s Glass for Work program.



Product / Service Offerings:

Augmedix is an innovative solution to patient-charting, designed for healthcare practitioners. Using wearable technologies like Google Glass, Augmedix allows physicians to spend less time thinking about charting and more time listening and responding to patient needs.

Instead of consuming time during a patient visit or after-hours, patient notes are completed by our remote scribes in real time on behalf of the Augmedix user. Augmedix allows physicians to provide better care for patients while also saving up to 15 hours per week that would ordinarily be spent writing up notes for EHRs.

Augmedix’s software is paired with Google Glass and a scribe seated in Augmedix’s HIPAA-secure rooms to provide users with a seamless charting experience. Scribes work closely with Augmedix users to understand their particular specialty and style of note-taking.

The healthcare practitioner wears Google Glass and has a normal conversation with a patient without needing a computer in hand. Augmedix sends the audio-video feed from Google Glass during each patient visit to the user’s scribe. The scribe then accesses the user’s EHR remotely and enters patient notes directly on the behalf of the user.

At day’s end, the user can review the charts put together by the scribe and make any necessary edits before hitting submit.

Augmedix is uses smartglass technology like Google Glass to allow physicians to interact with patients’ medical records hands-free, simply by using their voice. Augmedix can populate forms, fields, and drop-downs within your own EHR. Additionally, Augmedix can enable the flor of information from your EHR to you. By speaking to Augmedix, you can have patient information – labs, medications, allergies, etc. – delivered to you right on Google Glass.

Augmedix is compatible with all major EHRs. If you use an EHR and have an internet connection, your practice is compatible with Augmedix. It integrates with your practice and works directly with your own EHR.

Furthermore, Augmedix is HIPAA compliant. Augmedix implements rigorous administrative, technical, and physical security controls to ensure the security of patient health information.

Customers: Augmedix is a leading smart glasses software for physicians.